Machine type


Striping extruder technology is designed to merge up to 2 different colors to an extruded hard candy rope for striped candies. Different patterns are available depending on needs. Executive hard candy extrusion technology introduces state-of-the-art features and technical solutions to prevent sugar crystallization and inversion, all as per high-quality Executive manufacturing standards.

APPLICATION Hard Candy (solid and liquid)

TECHNICAL FEATURES Robust and stainless-steel construction for all parts in contact with the product for food operations and easy cleaning
Extrusion die-head with coloring nozzles
Closed-loop heat distribution throughout the extruder, including hopper, screws and pipings
Accurate temperature control system via dedicated diathermic-food-grade-oil tempering units
PLC control for all functions including temperature controls zones
Capacity from 450 to 800 Kg/hr
The extruder comes together with “Easy cleaning” kit
Rope dimension up to 80mm diam.

OPTIONAL One-or-two colors pumps
Liquid center-filling connection
Machine on casters