Machine type


Extrusion technology provides to convey the mass received upstream in constant flow or in bulk through a temperature-controlled chamber and die-head and making a rope or multiple ropes suitable to feed the downstream forming lines or Cooling tunnels.

The Co-extrusion makes possible to have two extruders into one single equipment, combining two different masses such as gum and chewy candy or simply combining two different colors/flavors in different patterns depending on the die-head. This equipment gives great flexibility to the production making possible to deliver multiple configurations by the change of the sole die-head.

Bubble gum
Soft candy
Sugar and sugar-free products

TECHNICAL FEATURES Extruder and Co-extruder are available in different production sizes from 300 up to more than 2.000 Kg/h capacity.
User-friendly die-head change-over and reconfiguration
Accurate and independent temperature control of both chamber and die-head
Direct drive technology with independent motorization for screws and infeed rollers
Solid and robust design with all parts in contact with the product made of stainless steel
Hygienic design with fully openable chamber and die-head by hydraulic system for safe easy cleaning and maintenance
PLC control for all parameters

OPTIONAL Extra screws for quick changeover
Connection to the filling unit (liquid type)
Special die-head and upgrades for powder-type filling.