Machine type


DUPLEX FORMING MACHINE is the answer to fit any production need achieving the highest degree of flexibility and efficiency when it comes to die-formed candies. It features both the rotary and chain system, DUPLEX FORMING MACHINE is a unique, complete and compact solution.

APPLICATION Any type of solid and high center filled candies
Filling percentage up to 30% or above depending on the product with the chain forming head

TECHNICAL FEATURES Output from 300 Kg/h up to 700 Kg/h
Rope speed from 15 up to 110 m/min
Hygienic design
Easy and quick line re-configuration and switch
Independent servo motors for calibrator and each forming system
Quick change-over to switch forming head (either rotary or chain)
Constant and self re-adjustment of the line speed and processing values
Patented applications are implemented to achieve the product forming, reduced mechanical frictions and improved die life
Machinery interface and interconnection to achieve a consistent line speed synchronization
Recipes and parameters control and storage by PLC

OPTIONAL Additional dedicated set of forming cams depending upon type of finished product
Chips collector unit