All in one

ALL IN ONE is the answer to any forming production flexibility. With a simple and quick reconfiguration it is possible to handle on the same line gum, soft candies and hard candies. Ideal for small operations with limited space and capital, it is also an excellent tool for big companies as a full scale production lab to test new products.

Soft candies
Gum and bubble gum
Sugar-free candies

TECHNICAL FEATURES Different outputs and speeds available depending on line configuration
Hygienic design
Easy and quick line re-configuration and switch
Independent servo motors for calibrator and each forming system
Quick change-over to switch from gum/soft product to hard boils
Constant and self re-adjustment of the line speed and processing values
Machinery interface and interconnection to achieve a consistent line speed synchronization
Recipes and parameters control and storage by PLC

OPTIONAL Any type of filling pump to be connected to the line
Additional dedicated set of forming cams depending upon type of finished product
CIP for cooling tunnel
Rotary, Chain or Duplex forming