Machine type


The Continuous Pulling Machine with automatic discharge is a patented system for mass aeration and crystallization. It can be integrated into any processing line to achieve an intensive and uniform sugar mass pulling. Automatic discharge is then accomplished by a special discharging screw-type method for a continuous mass flow which feeds the downstream production line/s via a stabilizing belt.

APPLICATION Any type of recipe for
Soft candy
Caramel masses and chewable products.

TECHNICAL FEATURES Capacity: 2 sizes availbale, up to 700kg/h – up to 1200kg/h
Adjustable pulling/residence time
Adjustable mass quantity
Adjustable progressive pulling speed
Adjustable temperatures
Built-in tempering unit
Easy cleaning features and low maintenance
Safe operation
PLC with process parameters control and storage On-board HMI

OPTIONAL Machine on load-cells
Double color handling