Machine type


Cooling drum is the automatic and compact solution to condition the mass received by the cooker, in continuous or by batch, transforming it into a continuous film which, thanks to a dedicated and accurate tempering system, is delivered to the down stream stages at uniform and consistent conditions and special application for sugar free hard candy and lollipops.

APPLICATION Any type of recipe for
Soft candy
Caramel masses and chewable products.

TECHNICAL FEATURES Capacity: 2 sizes available, up to 700 Kg/h – up to 1200 Kg/h
Teflon coated stainless steel drum
Built-in tempering unit
Adjustable film thickness device
Scraping device
Drum lubrication unit

Depending upon configuration Transfer belt with plows for continuous feeding to the pulling machine
Film splicing for discontinuous operation
PLC control with process parameters storage

OPTIONAL Double colour handling
Customized hopper configuration