Machine type

Stabilization Belts

The Stabilizing belt is part of the continuous pulling technology process as well as of the pre-extrusion – extrusion process. Belts are controlled in temperature and adjustable in speed. Once fully stabilized and crystallized, the mass is automatically transferred to the downstream process equipment (either 1 or multiple cut & wrap line/s or forming line, depending on customer’s recipe and production needs)

APPLICATION Any soft candy mass
Any Toffee mass
Caramel masses
Chewable products
Gum mass

TECHNICAL FEATURES Capacity: up to 1000 Kg/h
Adjustable speed/residence time
Adjustable temperatures
Built-in tempering unit
Easy cleaning features and low maintenance
Safe operation and guards
PLC with process parameters control

OPTIONAL Metal detector integration
Dual color handling simultaneously
Splicing unit for mass separation
Multiple-line feeding system
Powered inclination adjustment