Machine type

Hard candy cookers

Efficient and versatile equipment for the automatic cooking process with a batch-wise discharge. The traditional "coil-type" as well as the most up-to-date "mixflow-type" cooking technology are available in various ranges of capacity, from 400 Kg/h up to 1500 Kg/h depending on type and equipment configuration.

APPLICATION Any type of recipe for hard candy and lollipops
Sugar-free products

TECHNICAL FEATURES Coil cooking type or mix-flow cooking system.
Energy saving - High performance - Compact and hygienic design - CIP for easy cleaning and quick recipe change - Twin pot automatic switching.
Output: from 400 Kg/h up to 1500 Kg depending on model and equipment configuration.

OPTIONAL Special dual-configuration (*)
Vacuum pump with water economizer
Semi-automatic pot tilting

(*) Operation methods of the special dual-configuration:

TWO COILS COOKING IN PARALLEL AT THE SAME TIME High capacity production rates (typical batch cooking configuration up to 1500 kgh)
Steam savings: example 1500 kg/h at 3 Bar steam
Each coil independent controls as to pump speed and temperature

TWO COILS ALTERNATING COOKING Typically recommended for milk-base (high proteine recipe) hard candy masses
Alternating cooking/washing cycles every 8 hrs approx.
Capacity up to 1200 kgh (milk-base) and up to 1500 Kgh (syrup)

ADVANTAGES High flexibility
Space saving