Equipment and lines



A wide range of configurations of Weighing and Dissolving Systems represents a flexible and economical solution to fit all production need. This system is conceived as a modular structure which can be proposed in several models depending upon the specific application with an output ranging from 400 up to 5000 Kg/h. The system also can be integrated in existing processing lines to achieve greater productivity and improved efficiency.

APPLICATION Any type of recipe for hard candies, toffees and chewy candies
Deposited candies
Coating solutions
Sugar and sugar-free products

TECHNICAL FEATURES SS AISI 304 made with compact and hygienic design
Energy saving with steam operating pressure at 6 Bar max.
High performance
CIP for easy and quick recipe change
PLC control with recipes storage
Output: from 400 up to 5000 Kg/h

OPTIONAL Transfer pump
Filtering group
Skid for Isomalt
Skid for powdered milk
Skid for condensed milk


Efficient and versatile equipment for the automatic cooking process with a batch-wise discharge. The traditional "coil-type" as well as the most up-to-date "mixflow-type" cooking technology are available in various ranges of capacity, from 300 Kg/h up to 1500 Kg/h depending on type and equipment configuration.

APPLICATION Any type of recipe for hard candy and lollipops

TECHNICAL FEATURES Coil cooking type or mix-flow cooking system
Energy saving
High performance
Compact and hygienic design
CIP for easy cleaning and quick recipe change
Twin pot automatic switching
Output: from 300 Kg/h up to 1500 Kg depending on model and equipment configuration

OPTIONAL Special dual-configuration (*)
Vacuum pump with water economizer
Semi-automatic pot tilting

(*) Operation methods of the special dual-configuration:

TWO COIL COOKING IN PARALLEL AT THE SAME TIME High capacity production rates (typical batch cooking configuration up to 1500 kgh)
Steam saving: example 1500 kg/h at 3 Bar steam
Each coil independent controls as to pump speed and temperature

TWO COIL ALTERNATING COOKING Typically recommended for milk-base (high proteine recipe) hard candy masses
Alternating cooking/washing cycles every 8 hrs approx.
Capacity up to 1200 kgh (milk-base) and up to 1500 Kgh (syrup)

Vd. HC Weighing & Dissolving ADVANTAGES High flexibility
Space saving


Mixer and kneading machine are required to prepare the hard candy mass for the downstream operations. Flavors, colors and acids are incorporated into the sugar batch by a homogeneous blending while dough tempering is achieved through an effective kneading.

APPLICATION Any type of hard boiled masses

MIXER – TECHNICAL FEATURES SS AISI 304 made with compact and hygienic design
Manual pre-dose feeding
Kettle automatic lifting device
Cycle control
Simple to operate start/stop system
Capacity: 30 or 70 Kg/batch

KNEADING MACHINE – TECHNICAL FEATURES Rotating table with temperature control allowing process of all batches
Hydraulic powered tempered kneading arms
Programmable cycle
Safety guards
Capacity: 30 or 70 kg/batch

OPTIONAL Laminator feeder (to the batch roller) for batch roller automatic loading
Automatic batch unloading from kneading machine
Pre-cooling drum for sugar-free process


The pre-forming line prepares the solid and filled rope suitable to feed any type of lollipop forming equiment. The line is automatically synchronized in speed with the downstream equipment. Possibility to connect any type of filling equipment for filled lollipops with powder, liquid or high filling viscosity such as gum and/or chewy-candy.

APPLICATION Solid and filled ball and 3D as well as flat lollipops.

TECHNICAL FEATURES The pre-forming line is tipically composed of a batch roller, connected to a filling pump in case of filled lollipops and a rope sizer.
A four-or-six conical roller batch-roller is selected depending on required line capacity and application. While as to the rope sizer configuration, the number of sizing stages strictly depends on the finished product dimensions.

Hygienic design Low maintenance requirements
User friendly
Constant and self re-adjustment of the line speed and processing values
Servo-driven speed adjustment
Machinery interface and interconnection to achieve a consistent line speed synchronization
Recipes and parameters control and storage by PLC

OPTIONAL Any type of filling pump to be connected to the batch roller

Striping Extrusion Line

Any type of hard candy forming line can integrate a striping extruder in place of the traditional batch roller. Hard candy striping extruder is suitable to produce striped candies with up to two colors which are deposited onto the main rope through independent dedicated pumps.

APPLICATION Hard candy (solid and filled)

TECHNICAL FEATURES Robust and stainless-steel construction for all parts in contact with the product for food operations and easy cleaning
Extrusion die-head with coloring nozzles
Closed-loop heat distribution throughout the extruder, including hopper, screws and pipings
Accurate temperature control system via dedicated diathermic-food-grade-oil tempering units
PLC control for all functions including temperature-control zones
Capacity from 450 to 800 Kg/hr
The extruder comes together with “Easy cleaning” kit
Rope dimension up to 80mm diam.

OPTIONAL One-or-two color pumps
Liquid center-filling connection
Machine on casters