Equipment and lines

Deposited Candies

A wide range of configurations of Weighing and Dissolving Systems represents a flexible and economical solution to fit all production need. This system is conceived as a modular structure which can be proposed in several models depending upon the specific application with an output ranging from 400 up to 5000 Kg/h. The system also can be integrated in existing processing lines to achieve greater productivity and improved efficiency.

APPLICATION Any type of recipe for
Toffee and Chewy Candies
Deposited Candies
sugar and sugar-free products

TECHNICAL FEATURES SS AISI 304 made with compact and hygienic design
Energy saving with steam operating pressure at 6 Bar max.
High performance
CIP for easy and quick recipe change
PLC control with recipes storage
Output: from 400 up to 5000 Kg/h

OPTIONAL Transfer pump
Filtering group