Equipment and lines



Complete lines for multi-rope production suitable to be connected to downstream equipment. All solutions are customizable in terms of number of ropes and each individual rope configuration. Extrusion, for single color, or as an alternative, a co-extrusion technology, for added flexibility handling more than one color on each single rope, and a multi-tier high efficiency cooling technology for rope/s conditioning and feeding to the Cut&Wrap machines.

APPLICATION Any type of gum and bubble gum

TECHNICAL FEATURES Pre-extruder, Extruder and Co-extruder are available in different production sizes from 300 up to more than 1600 Kg/h capacity
User-friendly die-head change-over and reconfiguration
Accurate and independent temperature control of both chamber and die-head
Direct drive technology
Solid and robust design with all parts in contact with the product made of stainless steel
Hygienic design with fully openable chamber and die-head by hydraulic system for safe easy cleaning and maintenance
Multi-tier cooling tunnel with independent and accurate speed control of each belt
Fully insulated covering structure with access doors for inspection, product supervision and maintenance
Complete line synchronization
Recipes and parameters control and storage by PLC

OPTIONAL Cut&Wrap syncronization tables or belts
Rope thickness control
Pre-extruder loading station and feeding systems


The extrusion and forming lines are suitable for the production of die-formed gum pieces with any shape (unfilled, filled with liquid or powders or paste) from round/oval to squared and odd shapes, including pillow, pellet-type, crimped and cube. Lines include extrusion or co-extrusion technology, to give extra line flexibility, rope sizing and state-of-the-art rotary forming technology for the best cosmetic quality of your product using Executive patented solutions. Configurations may include intermediate relaxation belt, specials cams and dies as well as different cooling systems depending on final production targets.

APPLICATION Any type of Gum and Bubble Gum
With or without filling

TECHNICAL FEATURES Four different sizes of rotary forming lines can be selected depending on product types and production needs: from small or laboratory output to high capacity volume.
All Process parameters are monitored and controlled for gum shape and weight accurate control, including:
Gum feeding
Rope cross-section
Rope speed
Forming pressure
Nitrogen-free and talc-free technology
Extended forming dwell time
Special cams and die-sets upgrades for filled gum handling
Dedicated tooling for sticky products easy release/discharge

Range of capacity from 300 Kg/h up to 1600 Kg/h depending on line size and configuration
Rope speed from 30 up to 160 m/min depending on line size and configuration

LAB LINE – MINI-FLEX (256-EXEC – rotary former)
Rope speed: up to 30 m/min

DELTA JUNIOR (114.00-EXEC - rotary former)
Rope speed: up to 110 m/min

DELTA LINE (195-EXEC - rotary former)
Rope speed: up to 130 m/min

FLEXI LINE (239-EXEC - rotary former)
Rope speed: up to 160 m/min

Filled gum: extruder or co-extruder with liquid or powder filling units.

Rope sizer featuring up to 8 horizontal sizing stages, combined with a relaxation belt configuration for improved gum stability, to provide a consistent rope section.

Forming equipment featuring: patented applications to achieve the best product forming, reinforced sealing, reduced mechanical frictions, improved die life.

Cooling tunnel with temperature and humidity control, independent air and belts speed adjustments.

High efficiency, durability and flexibility
Hygienic design
Low maintenance requirements
User friendly
Possibility to use any existing rotary die-set
Constant and self re-adjustment of the line speed and processing values
Servo-driven speed adjustment
Reduced scraps rate
Panted applications are implemented to achieve the product forming, to reduce mechanical frictions and to improve die life
Machinery interface and interconnection to achieve a consistent line speed synchronization
Recipes and parameters control and storage by PLC

OPTIONAL Pre-extrusion and stabilizing belts
Automatic pre-extruder loading
Any type of filling pump to be connected to the extruder or co-extruder
Additional dedicated set of forming cams depending upon type of finished product
Talc units
Relaxation belt for improved product stability


The Rolling&Scoring line is the solution for high volume pellets, slabs and tabs gum production. The configuration starts from pre-extrusion for gum preparation and gum conditioning, feeding the extruder for the Rolling and Scoring equipment. The line provides the possibility to handle different formats with easy change over. Alternatively it can be completed with high efficiency pellet cooling tunnel or tray stacker for tab/slabs sheet.

APPLICATION Solid gum pellets

TECHNICAL FEATURES Stainless steel 12” wide R&S

Range of capacity up to 2000-2300 Kg/h depending on product type
Mechanical speed up to 80 sheets/min.

User friendly
High efficiency, durability and flexibility
Hygienic design
Low maintenance requirements
Format-rollers station sliding for easy cleaning and maintenance
Talc dispensing / removing group
Powered rolling units for accurate thickness and speed controls
Stainless steel safety cover for each rolling-cutting station and transparent external safety guards with dust control feature
Gum trims recycling group
Light system on working area
Dedicated touch screen display on each rolling and cutting station
Water-cooled rolling and scoring rollers
Automatic stacker for gum trays
Efficient multi-tier cooling tunnel for automatic pellet separation and conditioning making products ready for in-line downstream coating operations.
Recipes and parameters control and storage by PLC

OPTIONAL Pre-extrusion and feeding unit with or without pre-extruder automatic loading from bins
Talc handling group
Additional cutting rollers for different formats
Intermediate stabilizing belt
Metal detector